Statistical Process Control – SPC Best Practices


Statistical Process Control (SPC) allows you to use advanced statistical methods with real-time process data. Online SPC provides for automated, continuous monitoring of all aspects of your process.

SPC Chart Example

Process-Aware | Flexible Advanced Analytics | Out of the Box

  • Monitor tags against configured limits based on process conditions (including grade or product)
  • Supports grade or product versions, allowing for historical comparisons
  • Apply SPC analysis and automation to tags from all data sources
  • Leverage powerful SPC methods with the click of a button to create control charts (scatterplots, range, standard deviation)
  • Define simple min/max limits or custom logic
  • Limits can be managed within the tool or imported¬†from a 3rd party database
  • Visualize SPC metrics any way you want with user-defined colour coding and real-time visual feedback