Property Estimation


Leverages Soft Sensor Technology

  Capstone’s Property Estimation system utilizes our proprietary soft sensor technology. It makes use of readily available continuous process variables such as temperature and pressure in order to estimate difficult or infrequently measured parameters such as a stream quality.  

property-estimation       property-estimation


 Continuous | Real-time | Confidence

  • Provides a continuous, real-time quality indicator which may be used for process control
  • Validates analyzer results and can be used to manually enter lab results, thereby preventing questionable data from causing a process upset
  • Supports two forms of models; first order dynamic models, and PLS models developed from SIMCA or a similar multivariate analysis package

Return on Investment

  • Provides additional process information that was not previously available
  • Offers a superior return on investment as it uses existing data
  • Easily adjusted as your process needs to change as a result of other factors
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