Data Visualization

Knowing With Certainty

Data visualization facilitates a deep understanding of processes and allows users to interrogate their data flexibly. State-of-the-art tools provide sophisticated functionality critical for users at all enterprise levels.


Zoom InĀ | Zoom Out | Visualize

  • Visualize data from disparate data sources to identify patterns and trends
  • Narrow your search to a subset of data or a specific period to extract detailed meaning
  • Zoom out to see what is happening at the aggregate level
  • Enable open access to data visualization through mobile delivery solutions (such as PARCMobile)
  • See your process by using powerful process visualization templates and automate your workflow
  • Ensure control and consistency through common information sharing and reporting
  • Monitoring process data points and setting up alarms to keep products in spec
  • building model predictive systems based on evaluations of production constraints components


Compelling Visualization

  • Easily add in new data sources using standard data drivers
  • Model what-if scenarios and simulate the results to predict likely outcomes
  • Layer in Advanced Analytics calculations and methodologies to gain further insight
  • Rapidly communicate performance across your organization with quickly consumable graphics & charts

Capstone has deep expertise in implementing and configuring industry-leading data visualization tools such as Spotfire, PI Process Book, and PARCView.