Application Development

Our team of experienced software developers will help you achieve your business goals by implementing, developing, and sustaining your strategic software systems.

Software Integration and Implementation

Implement and integrate industry-standard packages for high-impact results—Microsoft Certified with a grasp of the latest technological advancements. 

  • Implementation/Configuration
  • Integration
  • Product selection
  • Solution Architecture
  • Design
  • Project Management

Application Development

Build Dot Net integrated new software to meet your business needs. We can roll existing business methods into software and systems to scale with your business.

  • Analysis and design
  • Software Development
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Architecture
  • Support/Sustain

Team Augmentation

Scale your team when needed for projects or sustaining your systems.

  • Subject matter expertise
  • Software expertise
  • Technical expertise
  • Process Engineering as needed


Data Reconciliation

Data Reconciliation

The focus of this presentation is to highlight the power and purpose of data reconciliation to help validate your measurement system before the data is used for production, yield, and loss accounting.

Industrial Plant Optimization

Industrial Plant Optimization

This presentation discusses some of the techniques used to optimize oil refining using advanced process control. How is real-time optimization implemented? Can the plant effectively be modeled using a subset of data?