Predictive Maintenance

Leverages Soft Sensor Technology

Our predictive maintenance solutions leverage our proprietary soft sensor technology. It uses already available process variables (temperature, pressure, etc.) in order to identify plant conditions that require maintenance intervention.


Maximize Production | Downtime & Variability Reduction

  • Model and monitor for scenarios that will interrupt core processes
  • We have deep experience connecting predictive maintenance solutions to real-time data sources such as historians
  • Provides a continuous, real-time quality indicator which may be used for process control
  • Validates analyzer results and can be used to manually enter lab results, thereby preventing questionable data from causing a process upset
  • Supports several models/approaches; heuristics, machine learning, first order dynamic models, and PLS models developed from SIMCA or a similar multivariate analysis package

Tangible Benefits

  • Prevents costly plant/process shutdowns and startups
  • Avoids costly equipment failure and breakdowns
  • Allows for proactive rather than reactive maintenance program
  • Combined with plant maintenance