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Advanced Process Control

Organizations work with us to implement a broad range of techniques and technologies including model predictive control, soft sensors, fault detection, and optimization.

Advanced Analytics

Clients discover business insights, identify trends & patterns, and predict when business events will occur. Our solutions let them make better decisions much faster than was previously possible.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

We use our industry knowledge along with sophisticated software tools to optimize your plant’s profit and performance over a long, medium or short-term time horizon.

Application Development

Our team has expertise in developing custom applications that can help you acheive your unique business goals


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Capstone’s Estimator utilizes our proprietary soft sensor technology and uses readily available continuous process variables such as temperature and pressure in order to estimate difficult or infrequently measured parameters.

Hadoop & Other Big Data Solutions

Hadoop & Other Big Data Solutions

Big Data offers new opportunities to combine data from many data sources in a flexible, scalable, and low cost way. Hadoop is a necessary part of the Analytics ecosystem for large companies dealing with device data.

What is Batch Univariate?

What is Batch Univariate?

Batch Univariate is a batch management system that analyzes real-time process data in order to evaluate process performance in comparison to normal operation range.


Data Reconciliation

Data Reconciliation

The focus of this presentation is to highlight the power and purpose of data reconciliation to help validate your measurement system before the data is used for production, yield, and loss accounting.

Industrial Plant Optimization

Industrial Plant Optimization

This presentation discusses some of the techniques used to optimize oil refining using advanced process control. How is real-time optimization implemented? Can the plant effectively be modeled using a subset of data?