Batch Univariate

Desktop Batch Management Software

Batch Univariate is a batch roll-up system that analyzes real-time process data to evaluate process performance compared to the ordinary operation range.

Batch Univariate - Reactor run comparisonBatch Univariate Run Gantt Report Batch Univariate Run Tag report

Integrate Process Data | Powerful Visualization

  • Integrates with leading Historians to collect all data associated with processes/batches
  • Identifies the related recipe and compares metrics to predefined alarm limits
  • Generates additional representative statistics based on real-time data
  • Analyze the associated data using existing visualization tools & reports or leverage process visualizations and animations of the process
  • Installs seamlessly and includes an automatic mode that collects and catalogues new runs as they happen

The Most Powerful Tool For Batch Analysis

  • Develop models for real-time batch monitoring and advanced batch control
  • Easily import batch data and analyze differences between batches
  • Automatically monitor and alarm when tags fall outside their historic range
  • Trigger DCS alarms and email notifications

Many of our clients use this tool to convey Golden Batch specifications for operations to review and manage operational systems.  We have incorporated Multivariate Statistics into the Univariate system, which dynamically builds statistics based on operations-specified instruments.  The tool has been proven to dynamically allow greater focus on Key Performance Indicators in production. It assists the operators in correcting manually controlled processes before an out-of-control state happens.  Would this be something that can bring in your manual operation systems?