Hadoop and Big Data Implementations

Big Data offers new opportunities to combine data from many sources in a flexible, scalable, and low-cost way. Hadoop is a necessary part of the Analytics ecosystem for large companies using device data. It is a highly scalable open-source ecosystem that allows businesses to leverage analytics, structured & unstructured data, machine learning, and vast amounts of data. Data lakes used to be nice to have but now have become everyday conversations about how similar operations perform and finding standard solutions.  


How It Works

  • Distributed computing leverages commodity hardware and allows for seamless scale-up, Efficient storage, and retrieval of massive amounts of data
  • Supports structured and unstructured data sources
  • Supports powerful tools such as Spark; supports Python, R, Scala
  • Combined with machine learning, it is the killer application for cost-cutting, optimization, and data mining
  • Low-cost software, use commodity hardware or tailor-made for cloud implementation

Benefits | Our Experience

  • Allows enterprises to do the never-before-possible
  • Analyze and process massive amounts of data
  • Ideal for leveraging machine learning, Industry 4.0, IOT, and data mining
  • Unlocks data from systems that previously made getting data difficult
  • Fits well with cloud-based deployments & elastic scale-up
  • Enables automated machine learning from your historical data (predictive analytics impacts the bottom line)
  • Our team has substantial experience implementing Big Data technologies (Process Historians, Hadoop, etc.) with several customers

Please get in touch with us to discuss your Big Data initiatives and how we can help. Our broad experience with various Big Data technologies allows us to provide perspective on a fit-for-purpose strategy. Once your system is defined, we will help you implement the roadmap!