Ethanol QC System

Our client requested a system in which they could better track fermentation efficiencies by dynamically incorporating their laboratory tests into the historical collection system. The goal was to prevent errors by operations and better understand how to regulate fermentation.


We developed a database system inside the Dataparc historical collection server that receives Laboratory test data directly from the instruments and ports that data into the respective tag data. This data, in turn, is used for dynamic, advanced automation calculations to monitor and suggest adjustments to the process and to allow comprehensive reporting on exact ethanol volumes and additives in near real-time. 

The system employed the following technologies:

  • A service is installed on the instrument(s) that monitors the presence of new test reports and scrapes the data from the tests.
  • Services monitor the operation of the ethanol plant for additives state conditions and verify the validity of the test data.
  • Services monitor grain processing and calculate out Mash and uptime rates.
  • Reporting systems monitor not only lab tests but also the overall production of the site.
  • Operator graphics allow for additional data such as water treatment, extra tests on Mash, tests on the salable product, tracking of tests upon shipment and even third-party tests verifying water and hygrometer values. 



The clients have been able to manage operational duties with standard interfaces and track the data using Visualization tools such as Parcview. In addition, the clients have also been able to negate possible errors and build out threshold limits on data to focus on tighter production control. Troubleshooting is quicker, and analysis allows for determining a Golden batch, which the site now seeks to run systems toward.